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Bst1, CD


Its a great trill to  not only  learn about Turbo threw his profile  but to share his story Turbo was  own by Alan Sloan, Turbo is one of those fun dogs that  never embarrass you or  leave you asking for more always willing to please , possessed great ability had  ton of fight , solids nerves,  great confirmation  and a great companion to boot ,     he was a awesome specimen big box dog  with   awesome  movement his  spirit to compete and great  fight  drive always put him on top of the competition . 
 I first learn about Turbo  when I join  Tom Riches Posse ( So Cal  training club) at the time most bulldogs being worked at that club were of Turbo  descendants  and a few from Rattler , Souza and Mikie  lines ,  but at the time one Rattler dog Taz and three  Turbo dogs  were the main attraction at the club  one being, Snope's  Bronco , Erfurst Lil and Sam  Elread's  Buck  the rest were just fair dogs or good prospect .
Buck was a young dog but  was an impressive   dog  already  a few of us   stood after the main group was gone to watch Tom work him with Josh ,  after the work out Tom would  go on and rave about how impress he was with  Buck  , Buck was Turbo bred to a Niko  daughter,  we were so impress that  as soon as Tom said they are doing that breeding   again the Zaporolis and Myself ordered dogs  out of that litter ,  Tom raved about  the  Turbo dogs  in general  than  he   go onto  rant stories about   Turbo it was an  awesome experience   .
Turbo came to Tom for training as  both he and Al Banuelos offered to train him  being so impress with him after working  him,   Alan sent   Turbo to California and   acquired a Bst1  under Toms handling and training , Tom says he put turbo  on many  decoys and all wanted him off seconds  into the first bite   ,  Tom's says Turbo's   biggest asset was   his temperament that Turbo  could go threw windows ,  cars buildings any thing  you ask him  to go threw  he would do it  full blast nothing  would spook him  , Tom goes on to  say  Turbo's   grips  were  silent but deadly ,  no growling just steady solid compression .
 Turbo  produced two   Sch three  title dogs Snope Bronco  and a phenomenal female  in Erfurst LIl Rascal a sch3  bulldog that competed against top level GS and mal's  and beat many of them , Turbo  has many Bst  dogs as well  and several second generation working dogs , his ability to produce good working dogs  was  a very  predictable  asset .   
 I saw Turbo only once in Butler Il he was and older dog already but his commitment to the bite was still evident   what impress me the most  was his movement  specially for a big dog , this  movement and commitment for the bite  is also very evident in his off spring  I  see it allot  in my dog Harvey  saw it on Lil and many Turbo dogs they are quick and fast to the bite  ,  Alan could not found a better name for  this dog as Turbo's  on / off switch  and burst of power was like of an  actual turbine .

I like to thank Alan Sloan for sharing his dog' s story and Also Tom Riche for introducing me to this great dog  and for sharing so many positive stories about Turbo .  


Here is Alan Sloan Turbo

When was Turbo  born , where an when did he die

Born Aug 16, 1993 Ė Died   05/07/07 

Who did you buy him from

Got him from Al  Joye  Vanguards Kennels  bred by  Larry Norman  Registered name is  Sergeant Fury 

How was Turbo as a pup

Full piss and Vinegar  Always into something super confident  took him every where and  nothing faced him or  stop him

At what age did he get his first grip on a sleeve ,by who Tom??

3 yrs of age Tom Riche, Dave Hannah and  Terry White

Whats drive did Turbo seem to work of naturally ,

Prey drive was his biggest main drive  from there it transfer to fight drive

What were Turbo working titles

Turbo has a Bst 1 under Tom Riche  and a CD1

At what age did Turbo  acquire his first sch title  and  or his bst if he  got one ?

I say Five

Whats was Turbo hip score or  ofa rating

Pen Hip .25.25 , OFA good

Whats was Turbo  weakest trait and his strongest trait

For me no weakness  for others  maybe , IMO  his strongest  trait was  temperament   awesome  his on off switch   was his  biggest  asset always willing to work than  he turn off and just be a pet  social dog .

What was Turbo  full grown typical weight

Turbo was 98 to 102 lbs

Whats Turbo highest score on his titles

He did not compete in any point system , Tom said he could .

What would you say stroke you the most when you work him in sch or bite work

Hitting  the decoys  that  was fun  

What did you hate the most about him

Really I donít dislike anything about him

What did you love about him the most

He is  just a super dog  he was  my Buddy

Was he an outside dog or inside dog


Does have he any direct brothers or sister  from the same litter

Al Joye had  Steel Magnolia  his sister  also a dog name Hunter   did not keep track

If you were to clone one of his traits what would that be

Definitely his temperament

Who  were his trainers

If you could say  Trainer I say  Tom Riche was his main trainer

What is your most memorable session with him in training

When he caught his first  hog  and got his CD1 Lem  Miller said  Turbo was a good dog  great complement from someone that had seen many dogs catch and even better no direct  ties  to Turbo.

If you had the chance to own another Turbo   would you change anything In his  training

Really nothing  

Would you say Turbo was a hardbiter or medium

Everyone who work him  scream out  get him off so I guess hard

At what age would you say Turbo  went on a hardsleeve  , was he a natural full grip dog

5yrs fullgrip

At  what age did he start his bark and hold in the blind

Not a  formal Sch dog so I guess  5 yrs 

How was Turbo  around ur family

Turbo was good around anyone  excellent Temperament

Would you say Turbo was a typical Bulldog  dog from what you have seen off out there 

Yes  except for his super temperament  awesome working drive  but not a jackass like many dog out there .


What was the strangest moment you had with Turbo  or an event that blew your mind  or scared you

When we were in Ohio Tom ask me to  work him on a suite  to go over a  Car scenario , Turbo took me  down and I got abit scare me  seeing that side of him on me , but he was clear headed  so I knew it be ok,

What was Turbo biggest event /trail he attended /entered , what was the outcome

Been to few  events  with him   Butler ,  Ohio  and  Vegas  when he got his Bst1 I

Does Turbo have any off spring , doing sch 

Turbo has Sch3 Erfurt Lil , Sch3  Snopes Bronco , several that  for what ever reason were not completed, like  Sharons Secore Annie, and , Hannahís Mac ,  Topline Toro , Sams Buck , Bennyís  Harvey 'Mitchells Jed, Hayabusa and   Sharon Hannah and many other   nieces and  nephews   have done well .  

How many off spring does he have

Not sure  did not  keep count

When trainers work him what was their most typical quote or assessment of him

They  all said he was a good dog, Al Banuelos and Tom said they work him  for free that was  meaningful .

Do You   have sperm  from him  what is the ultimate goal or plans for that available breeding  would you repeat the Turbo breeding 

NO  donít have any and no one around here does it



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