Bulldog Profile 

The bulldog profile is a tribute to a great dog of today or yesteryear what makes or Qualifies a dog to be profiled is the dog must have a major  working title that be a  Sch1, Ring1 or higher  or a major catch  title like a CD3,  secondly your dog must  be an American Bulldog    . If any one feels they have a great working dog  or like to  nominate one  email  me a brief story about the chosen dog, pictures , a video tape  will also be required  as well as the dogs pedigree.

Erfurts Sch3 Tasmanian Devil


Erfurt Taz is a dog most of us in the southern California region admired for his pure bulldog grit he was own by Dan Erfurt  owner of  another great sport dog  Lil Rascal Sch3.  Taz  passed away months back on an accidental bone tragedy  but  in the years he was with us he made his mark , I feel it is unfortunate that Dan  never chose to put Taz in the path of a wild boar as he would surely have been one to put in that  path  , his tenacity and cheer stubbornness made him immune to pain  several times  we saw him go into what some of us described jack ass mode and  shutdown his pain sensors and turn a good  bite session into a ass whipping session and in the end those present would just say damn dog how can he take so much compulsion and not give up.  Some dogs  break if too  much pressure is put on them but  Taz would just forget the session and come back next day like  nothing happened  . Taz was Dan's first dog threw him he learn to train in Schutzhund  an eventually acquire a Sch3  title on him  , not the best dog to  start with as Taz was a handful   but in the end Dan prevailed a credit to his dedication  while Taz was not a high point  dog as most dogs  of his  tough nature when he left the field people were left in awe at his off the wall grit an Tom would say thats alot of bulldog . .

 Taz was trained and work by Tom Richie  when one asks Tom  to access Taz he will tell you "I threw my whole arsenal at Taz and he took it all and never broke or took a step backwards  he is just a bulldog at heart " , the following is an interview with Dan Erfurt about his  dog Taz .


When was Taz born , where an when did he die

Taz was born on March 1 1997 at Kyle’s place in Temecula, CA.  Died summer of 03 at the Vets

Who did you buy him from

Kyle Symmes

How was Taz  as a pup

Didn’t really seem like anything special until Tom worked him at 5 ½ months

At what age did he get his first grip on a sleeve ,by who Tom??

6 months by Tom Richie

Whats drive did Taz seem to work of naturally ,

We only worked him in prey drive.  Good thing

What were Taz working titles

SchH I through III, BST, CGC

At what age did Taz aquire his first sch title  and his bst if he  got one ?

Got his BST at 4/16/99, BH 8/1/98, SchH I 12/18/99, SchH II 6/10/00, SchH III 9/9/00

Whats was Taz hip score or  ofa rating

OFA Good

Whats was Taz weakest trait and his strongest trait

It was really hard to get him to bark.  We tied him to a pole, couple times  he worked himself into such a frenzy that he shot blood out of his nose. 

What was Taz  full grown typical weight


Whats Taz highest score on his titles


What would you say stroke you the most when you work him in sch

Extreme power in the strikes, extremely high pain tolerance, and ridiculously high jumps in the retrieve

What did you hate the most about him

Too stubborn.  That’s what killed him.  He wouldn’t give the bone up and swallowed in whole instead.  It was the size of a softball.

What did you love about him the most

He always made us laugh.  Even as a pup, he would jump on a complete strangers back and start humping  them .  .

Was he an outside dog or inside dog


Does have he any direct brothers or sister  from the same litter

There were 6 pups, but I don’t know where they are. 

If you were to clone one of his traits what would that be

Just his solid nerves.  Nothing rattled him.  He actually enjoyed it when you locked eyes with him.  He would just stare back at you.  It didn’t upset him or make him aggressive, but he wouldn’t look away.

Who  were his trainers

Tom Riche, although Romeo and Josh worked him too.

What is your most memorable session with him in training

We had a couple sessions where the decoy couldn’t believe he was still biting.  Once time he was still bleeding from the face 3 hours after the session.

If you had the chance to own another Taz  would you change anything In his  training

Probably try to get farther with his obedience at a younger age. 

Would you say Taz was a hardbiter or medium


At what age would you say Taz went on a hardsleeve  , was he a natural full grip dog

6 ½ months.  Yes he always had a natural full grip.

At  what age did he start his bark and hold in the blind

Started at about 1, but took a yr and barking was never his strength.

How was taz around ur family

Great.  He was always in the house.

Would you say Taz was a typical Rattler dog from what you have seen off out there 

Yes.  Eva’s Diesel is just like him


What was the strangest moment you had with Taz or an event that blew your mind  or scared you

I guess when he fell out of the back of my truck going 50 mi/hr.  I didn’t even know until some guy drove up next to me and told me.  Taz was running around in traffic trying to figure out where I went.

What was Taz biggest event /trail he attended /entered , what was the outcome

We attended the AWDF but failed.  Taz wouldn’t out.  I couldn’t get him off the helper even after the judge dismissed us.

Does taz have any off spring , doing sch 

Snopes Sally and  Mike Stone has Smitty, neither dog has a title yet but both have foundations in tracking, OB, and protection

How many off spring does he have

8, all from the same litter.  They all had great temperaments and tons of drive.

When trainers work him what was their most typical quote or assessment of him

“What and jackass!”  Tom always said that Taz could take anything we could dish out. 

You said you still have sperm what is the ultimate goal or plans for that available breeding  would you repeat the taz breeding 

Haven’t decided.  Just kept it in case someone wanted to go back to those bloodlines.  Probably make the ultimate hog dog.  I never put him on a hog, but you could just tell.




Grand Sire/Dam

Great Grand Sire/Dam



Johnson’s Dozer Bruno


SG Dick the Cruiser

Ruby Farneti

Sure Grips Rattler




SG Rodeo Rose

SG Rip N Woody



SG Hoosier Blue




SG Hannibal

Smith Big Oak  

SG Rip N   Rita


Smith Becky  


SG Suzie Q

SG Freddie Kruegger



SG Liza Jane

Working video footage of Taz.

Taz working clip one Taz working clip 2