Fullers Petey 


When I first sought out to get my first  bulldog I ran into Garys website I  told him I was looking for a AB bulldog  but did not want to pay 1000 dollars that most were asking for . Gary told me I know of a breeding out of a sister to my catch dog Petey  this breeding is a good one in my opinion , hey gave me the details I called and the rest is history I ended up with Jayda a super stable working  bulldog. Threw the months that followed I got  to learn more about Petey the hog dog from Salinas , unfortunately I was never was  able to see him in person or even better at work but threw Garys stories I  have learn to appreciate him , here is the story of Fullers Petey ..

When was Petey  born , where an when did he die

Fuller's Petey CD3    .A.B.A.  B608-407  born august 16,1998 and died in june of 2001

Who did you buy him from or who bred him

i bred petey out of my fullers pretty patches and van hooses koa/souzas koa Pedigree

How was Petey   as a pup

as a pup petey was a handfull from 4 weeks on,he was the litter boss and had to be made to know the rules at a early age yet was a eager to please dog.

At what age did he get his first hog exposure  ,by who??

i put petey on his first little wild hog in a pen at 13 weeks  and then his next hog was at just under a year in the woods and he was in on 2 small hog

Whats drive did Petey seem to work of naturally ,

he was all prey drive, but had a great natural ability to catch and hold a hog

What were Petey  working titles

he had a cd3 but i didnt put in for it till after he died, as i used him to hunt with not for shows  etc


Whats was Petey  hip score or  ofa rating

he was never xrayed but was planned to except he died

Whats was Petey  weakest trait and his strongest trait

i would say his weakest trait as a catchdog was he had a wet/noisy mouth

his strongest trait was probably his extremely hard mouth, this added to the fact that if he put his mouth on a hog he closed it and that was almost always the only hold he ever had. and he was extremely great at handeling the rankest boars

What was Petey  full grown typical weight

i would guess in rib showin, back showing shape he was 83 lbs

How many Hogs did he catch

he caught a shitload of hogs lol, not gonna go crazy but somewhere over a hundred easily.

After the catch  what was his most predicted technique

after a catch as we kill almost all the hogs, petey would just lay down and wait for whats next.if you mean his catching style, it was generally by the ear, and then lay up along the hog and pull down

What would you say stroke you the most when you work him

what made me just go ape was to watch how petey handeled the baddest hogs and in alot of case by himself as the other dogs were just baying

What did you hate the most about him

the thing i hated the most about petey was that despite being cow broke i could never break him from killing my gamecocks lol

What was his working temperament  like , with people and other dogs

he was friends to everyone while hunting nd never was in a dog fight and could be put in the box with other males and even ate with other dogs

Was he an outside dog or inside dog

he spent his life on a chain

Does  he have he any direct brothers or sister  from the same litter

buster was his brother and died as you know protecting his home, and then jewlez, the mom of that great, fantastic little jayda dog some Mexican  guy owns in so cal.if you want info on the whole litter just ask and ill give it

If you were to clone one of his traits what would that be

i woud pick his extreme hard mouth and the ability to take one hold without hesitating

Who  were his trainers

the hogs in the woods were peteys trainers

What is your most memorable session with him in training

he was in a pen at 13 weeks , after that he was in the woods and went to the fight the first time, and after that he went to the bark from then on.

If you had the chance to own another Petey  would you change anything In his  training

he would have been in the woods real young except he got panotheothis and i let his bones get right

Would you say Petey  was a hardbiter or medium,


At what age would you say Petey  went in the woods 

he was in the woods about 11 mnths old

Did he have a catch  placement preference 

he prefered the ear but would grab the nose, and when he was young i watched him get bored and reach down and snap a leg on 2 occasions

How was Petey  around ur family

petey was a happy dog with everyone and wiggled like a typical koa pup

Would you say Petey  was a typical Bulldog  dog from what you have seen off out there 

i would say petey was a ugly lookin dog conformationally speaking, smaller than what is popular, but was more bulldog than most modern ab people even can fathom

Did he ever do bite work

never did try bite work with him at all.


Does Petey  have any off spring  currently working  

petey was bred one time to dickinsons belle and this produced 7 pups,2 are pets and 5 including my jack dog were catching in the woods from 5 to 11 months old

When he caught those present what was their most typical quote or assessment of him

people that saw petey on bad hogs were generally blown away by him.one guy that saw petey catch a bad boar that tried to kill my hunting partner was actually scared of petey after he saw him on a boar, and he had been pettin him before the hunt.

Do  you still have sperm if so what is the ultimate goal or plans for that available breeding  .

of course no semen




Grand Sire/Dam

Great Grand Sire/Dam



MGK’s Mountain Gator


MGK’s Tyson

MGK’s She’s  A Doozy

Van Hoose  Koa




Sommers Athena of Boyd

SG Rip N Woody



Boyds Hines Moleque






Kershner Screamer


Montalbos White lightning

Kershners Venture

Fuller Pretty Patches




Montalbos Beauty

Pucketts General



Puckets kirby


Petey's Story

Skit em Petey

These 3 little words Skit em Petey meant that within a very short time a wild hog’s worst nightmare was loose and about to put the hurt on a wild hog somewhere in Central California. Fuller’s Petey was the best in the woods catch dog I’ve ever owned. He was also the best I’ve ever seen catch wild boar on a consistent basis

Petey was out of my Kershner female Fuller’s Pretty Patches who is now with my friends Ralph Citterella and Jeanne in New Jersey at White Knight Kennels. Petey’s dad is Van Hoose’s Koa, now owned by Greg and Tammy Souza.

Petey was the driveiest pup in his litter from the time his eyes opened, so this made him a perfect candidate for my chosen sport of hog hunting. This drive also meant growing up constantly reminding him what was acceptable and what was not. Although as he matured he ended up being very mellow and laid back until it was time for him to work I had him on his first hog, a small wild pig in my pen at the age of 13 weeks. He was such a natural, I couldn’t wait for this pup to grow up and go to the woods. A few months later he got Panotheosis and I had to wait for all his bones to get straightened out before he could continue his hog work. At 11 months old he caught his first hogs in a local vineyard and a few days later he caught my daughter Amanda’s first hog for her in the same vineyards. 

A week later I was catching some hogs I had in a pen because I had recently sold them to a couple of guys.  Due to a goof up on my part Petey ended up getting cut up pretty good when a nasty boar I had separated got loose in the pen I was catching the other hogs out of.  He caught the boar and gave me time to get out and not get hurt myself.  When I finally got him pulled out of the pen he was cut pretty good.  I laid him down on the tailgate of my pick-up and stapled him back together

In his entire career I never once had to use anesthetics on this dog to staple him back up and he never offered to nip or bite no matter the injury.  The very next day after the hog pen incident I wanted to see what this pup would do being all sore and swollen.  Well, we went out to my hog pen and he showed me more grit in an 11-month-old pup than I’ve seen in some mature, seasoned dogs.  During his career this dog left a lot of seasoned hog hunters in awe after watching him catch some real nasty hogs.  He had an unbelievably hard bite (despite having relatively small teeth) and when he put his mouth on a hog it was over.  I’ve seen him thrown off a few times but only to catch the hog again and hold him till we took over.  I once saw Petey put a 250-pound boar that was cutting him; on his knees in the time it took me to run about 80 yards to him.   More than once I used Petey to help me pull dead hogs up a hill or out of a ditch

One of my best hog hunting memories is of me and my hunting partner Dean watching the dogs backed up baying as Petey did battle with one of the most awesome boars I’ve ever caught.  This old boar was one of the most European, pre historic, beasts I’ve ever seen and was well over 300 pounds.  As soon as I killed this brute, Petey looked up at me, let go of the hog, and just collapsed from exhaustion. 

Petey was cow broke and never was in a dogfight.  He would ride in the dog box with other male dogs.  I once saw him have a hold of a small boar while another dog was biting holes in Petey’s rear.  He never paid any attention to the other dog and just went about the job of holding the hog. He could be handled by anyone and considered all people friends while hunting or in the box, yet was a decent watchdog at home

Now that I’ve told all of the good memories I must tell how he met his end.  He got cut by a boar up through the roof of his mouth and into his sinuses.  I missed seeing this and by the time he acted sick his sinuses had gotten impacted  with foxtails.  Of course as sick dogs will, he ate grass.  It just so happened that he ate some green grain of some type that was growing on the ranch where he was staying that week, where a friend of mine was hunting with him.  The grass ended up tying up in his intestines and causing a blockage and at the same time a piece perforated his intestines.  By the time it was over Petey spent 22 days at the vet, had 3 intestine surgeries, a sinus repair surgery, anemia, pneumonia, peritonitis, pancreantitis, and had his spleen removed

Petey went from a ripped, no fat, in shape 85-pound gladiator to 58 pounds at the worst stay at the vet.  The vet said the only thing that kept him alive was he refused to die.  We took Petey home and the convalescing began.  After 1 month and 2 days home and numerous vet checks Petey was 78 pounds and had a lot of his muscle back also.  I saw Petey at 11 that night and by the time I checked on him at 6:30am, I could tell he was in real trouble.  Evidently all the damage that was done just caught up and his intestines were shutting down.  I called the vet and they said bring him in and if what I knew had to be done was necessary that they would take care of it as they said I didn’t need to deal with it

I started my truck, carried my hunting buddy out to my hog pen, and stood him up by the fence.  First the little pigs came over, and Petey in his weakened condition didn’t get too excited.  Then some of the big hogs woke up, came over, saw the dog and started hitting the hog panels trying to get Petey.  Well this sure woke him up! The oldest sow hit the wire and when she did Petey pulled out of my hands and grabbed her by the nose.  Of course in his weakened conditioned she pulled away and he fell over. This may seem cruel to some, but this warrior deserved to have that fire in his eyes just one last time.  I carried my buddy over to my truck and he rode with me in the cab acting the best he had all morning.  We got to the vet and she knew as soon she saw him that this would be his last visit.  I laid Petey in my lap, as they gave him the shot the vet and I both cried


Luckily the heart of this brave warrior still lives on in his son Slammin’ Jack.  Now 3 months old, he took his first bite of a hog at nine weeks old.  I just hope to again own and hunt with a dog the caliber of Petey.  If I never do at least I know I have great memories and feel honored to have hunted with a great bulldog

Skit em  Petey

                                               -Gary Fuller



Peteys Mom with Gary