Wade Wilde Sch3 Miko

I first saw Miko going for a bst 1 at my first bulldog show in 2001 she was a loose canon full of drive but out of control as the years went by I have seen a dog go from no control to very  predictable control , the key point  to this change is she has not lost her lively spirit  or as they say drive.    I think this is a credit to the dogs genetics  but also how her owner an trainer has chosen to set high goals but also maintain the dogs spirit , some say Schutzhund kills a  bulldog spirit and creates unstable dogs  well those have not seen a  dog of the caliber of   Miko work high drive , stable temperament and very social  , the  fact is that if you have the right dog for the sport Sch provides   just another vehicle to test your dog.   Imo Miko has not change one bit just has become an obedient sport dog and an excellent example of what a working bulldog should be , here is her story told by her owner Wade Wilde.

When was Miko   born , 

Wilde West’s Knucklehead Miko was whelped August 11, 1998. 

Who did you buy Miko  and  who bred her  
Miko was bred by Jesse Olea and Al Banuleos out of JOS Block x Thao’s Patch.  I was referred to them by Tom Riche, who I had visited the week before and he mentioned the litter.  I called Al and was first in line after the breeder’s pick.  Al tested the whole litter while I was there, picked his two and recommended I choose between two other pups.  I got lucky and chose Miko.

How was Miko  as a pup
Miko was a very active, intelligent pup.  I built a cage to keep her enclosed in the backyard, which she hated, and she learned to climb up and over the enclosure to get out.  We had 2 old cockers that she loved to torment and she was heck to break off the chickens.  Being my first working dog, she got a lot of attention as a pup; we took her to puppy classes for socialization and basic OB and she was trained a lot around the yard.

At what age did s he get his first grip on a sleeve ,by who
Miko got her first taste of bitework at the now infamous ABA Nationals in Anaheim in 1999 by Tom Riche, who encouraged me to keep training.  After that we went to North County SchH Club and came under the tutelage of Mike Stone.

Whats drive does she  seem to work of naturally ,
Miko has huge prey drive.  She is always on the move when outside looking for something to do or chase.  Tom Riche and Mike Stone worked a bit on bringing out some fight drive, but overall I would say she operates 70%/30% prey/fight drive.


What are Miko’s    working titles
Miko has her SchH3 as awarded by SchH USA and BST2 by the WABA.

At what age did she  acquire his first sch title  and her .

BST1 Oct 2000

SchH BH May 2001

SchH1 Mar 2002

SchH2 Apr 2002

BST2 Feb 2004

SchH3 Jul 2004


Whats are Miko’s   hip score or  ofa rating
Miko’s hips are rated by the OFA as Good.

Whats  Miko's   weakest trait and what is her  strongest trait

I think her weakest trait is her size.  While I believe a sport dog generally needs to be on the smaller side of the breed standard, if I could change anything about Miko it would be to add a little more size to her.  However, both of her daughters that I have already at one year of age are taller and thicker than she is. I think her strongest traits are her desire to work/drives and her well balanced temperament. 

What is her   full grown typical weight
Miko was the runt of the litter and currently weighs in at around 65 lbs.

Whats is Miko’s   highest score on his titles

98 points tracking SchH2

92 points OB SchH3

99 points protection SchH1

Total SchH3 score of 281 points (94-92-95) is the highest ever for an AB bitch. 

What would you say strokes  you the most when you work her  in sch
Her constant drives.  Many have commented how her drives compare to the GSD’s and Mal’s.

What do  you hate the most about her 

When she gets into overdrive during protection and doesn’t think clearly. 

What did you love about her  the most

Her intelligence and personality. 

Is  she an outside dog or inside dog

Miko is kenneled outside during the day and sleeps in the house at night. 

Does  she have  any direct brothers or sister  from the same litter

Al Banuelos has a sister; I don’t know of any others. 

If you were to clone one of his traits what would that be

Her seemingly endless drive. 

Who  were her  trainers

Both Miko and I were trained as dog/handler team primarily by Mike Stone.  Many others share in the success we have had: Tom Riche, Gary Grassi, Tony Becherer, et al. 

What is your most memorable session with her  in training

My most memorable training session was not during a club session, but when we trialed for her BST2 the first time at the Nationals at the Golden State club in N. Calif.  Miko was in overdrive and basically ignored my commands, running amuck looking for a helper to bite.  It was there that I learned that while motivational training techniques have their place, well-meted compulsion training does too. 

If you had the chance to own another Miko    would you change anything In her   training

I would have paid more attention to developing a solid tracking foundation. 

Would you say Miko’s is  a hardbiter or medium,

Being such a small dog, physics only allow for so much pressure application by a dog with a short muzzle, so I would say she is a medium biter. 

At what age would you say Miko   went on a hardsleeve  , was he a natural full grip dog

Compared to so many of the really good GSD’s, I think Miko initially was probably an average biting dog.  Mike Stone put a lot of work into bite development: targeting, full grips, regrips/counters, etc., and made her a very good biting dog…her grips are rarely negatively critiqued in trials. 

At  what age did she start the  bark and hold in the blind

I really don’t remember. 

How is Miko  around ur family

When outside with the family Miko is always on the go checking things out.  When inside she lays around on the couch most of the time.  She is not one of those dogs that are constantly looking for attention.  She is great with all the other dogs and cats that we have.  All of our dogs (five) can run together. 

Would you say Miko is  a typical Bulldog  dog from what you have seen off out there 

I think Miko has many traits of what a typical good bulldog should be.  She has a great “want to please” attitude, stable temperament/personality, the ability to “turn it off and on” and yet can relax when in the house.  She is protective of the house/yard, yet is not a maniac about it; when I tell her someone is O.K., she’s cool.  I think in today’s society, most don’t need a dog that’s over the edge in fight/territory drive ready to bite anyone that wanders into their yard; they’re an accident (and a lawsuit) waiting to happen.  Many get too caught up in measuring their own testosterone levels via the dog at the end of their leash. ,  absolutely  good point


What was the strangest moment you had with Miko   or an event that blew your mind  or scared you

(Sorry Benny, can’t think of anything particular) 

What was Miko’s   biggest event /trail she attended /entered , what was the outcome

We entered the 2002 AWDF Nationals as a SchH1 team.  Miko took first place with a score of 270 points (93-89-88), the first time ever for an AB. 

Does Miko   have any off spring , doing sch 

There is one female back east with Sean Flipp doing Ring, one male being trained by Tammy Carpenter and I have two females being trained in SchH. 

How many off spring does she have

Miko whelped a litter for the first (and only) time September 21, 2003.  She had 3 males and 4 females.  She was bred to the great AB dual gr. champ Souza’s Matias SchH1. 

When trainers work her  what was their most typical quote or assessment about Miko

Most seem to like her drive and focus.  Judges always comment that she seems happy to be on the field and that we make a good team. 

Do  you have any  more breeding plans  if so what is the ultimate goal or plans for that available breeding  ..
There might be one more litter from Miko.  It is difficult finding the right male that is titled and has the bloodlines to match.  I would like to linebreed on a couple of bloodlines then ultimately cross those lines back to each other.  It’s also difficult finding the right homes for the pups.





Grand Sire/Dam

Great Grand Sire/Dam



Banuelos Predator


Jaws of stone Jake

Brindle Babe

Tomahawk’ Block




Standbury Coraleva

Rutans Janeli Gator



Rutans Rca Freckles






Ashlees Buster Brown


Steve’s Hammer Sch1

Smiths rose Bud

Thaos Patch




Smootch Kruegger 

Sure Grip Freddy Kruegger



Sure Grip Tinker bell


Like to Thank Greg Souza and AZ  Tami for helping with Miko's  profile.

Miko's Sch3 obedience clip.

Miko's Sch3 Protection clip.