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  First I want to thank Greg Souza for allowing me to profile his dog Koa  his dog is a perfect example of what a clear head even temperament bulldog can do in sport work , while Koa is a 100 lbs bulldog his drive level equals the  drive of  most smaller dogs , his commitment to the man  is simply spectacular  and  his legendary long bites are just that legendary    , off the field he is a lay back super stable bulldog as a good bulldog should be. 

Koa is a dog that is pretty well known in the west coast most know him for his great temperament and ability to slam into decoys , I first saw him back in early 2001 visiting Greg's house since I had just picked up my  female pup Jayda,  she is out of Matias and  Jewels both  both are out of Koa ,  I was not that all impressed as I saw very little of him an all while he was on his kennel run .
    I began my journey with the breed I   contact Greg about this biting 9  week old   monster I had just brought home Greg said go to Tom Riche he will help you he is the best working with Bulls , I spoke to Tom an when I told him how my dog was bred he said I love Koa I offer to buy him he is a great dog , Matias he is a good dog but Koa he is the man , I attended my first training session  and every one told me how nice a dog Koa  was  specially his temperament I got to meet Snopes Repo  another son of Koa an awesome temperament dog an good bitework dog  .  I still did not know what Koa was as a working dog Tom would hint during my females training sessions but nothing that knock my socks off .
    Than came my first bulldog show in Watsonville , Ca   I saw Koa hit the field  like a maniac in full drive , he went from  ribbon chasing  drive - 100  to +100 as soon as he saw he was going to work , they sent him into the blind and he slam the decoy past the  blind while he was out of control I saw the power  this dog  not only had but chose to use   , the session was an experience the crowd spoke of him  dropping stories about his working ability and his great temperament  .
Koa has produce several good dogs allot of show winners and several working dogs my personal assessment of   Koa's ability to produce is he produces good drive dogs  with super clear temperament and he seems to have the ability to put that hog catching bug into his offspring  his most proven son on hogs is Gary Fullers Petey a catching fool , his most proven protection   son is Sch1 Matias  also a producer of good dogs and a dog with an impeccable  temperament like his daddy I got to see allot of him while he was with  Wade training for his Sch title in drive and out of drive just hanging around super safe dog !   
Koa has a few young  guns   out there making a statement for the old man  one of the best females  is Hopkins Keana bst2 ,cd1 I know there are a few out there to many to name , well sorry for my long story  just want to share my Koa experience   here is Koa told by his owner Greg Souza .





Grand Sire/Dam

Great Grand Sire/Dam



Symmes Rip N woody


MGK’s Gator

Symmes Slashin Sheena

Baileys  Manstoppers Tyson




MGks she’s  a  Doozy

Johnson Dozer Bruno



Ruby Farneti



Johnsons red machine


Symmes Rip N woody

Johnson Tash

Sommers Athena




Boyds,Hine Moleque

Hines Country Boy



Hines Snowbird


When was Koa born , where and when did he die ?  Koa was born on 7/27/96, he is still alive, and will be 8 next month.
Who did you buy him from or who bred him ?  I bought him from Clarence Van Hoose. The breeders are Matt Boyd and Jon Sommers.
How was Koa as a pup ?  He was a very outgoing, confident, and social puppy.
At what age did he get his first grip on a sleeve, by whom?  He was worked for the first time at 7 months by Tom Riche at one of the first West Coast Shows in Fresno. (Tom offered to buy him)
What drive did Koa seem to work in naturally ?   Koa has always worked in Prey.
What were his working titles?  BST
At what age did Koa acquire his BST ?   I campaigned Koa at an older age, he received his BST at 5 1/2 years.
What is Koa's hip score or OFA rating ? 

Pennhip .39/.39, OFA "Fair" @ 49 months

If you were to clone one of his traits what would that be ?  His temperament.
What was Koa's full grown typical weight?   105 pounds in shape.
What did you hate the most about him ?  He would get "stupid" when he was in drive and drive you crazy with his barking. (so thats were it comes from )
What do you love about him the most ?  His personality. He loves everyone, and wants to please.
Was he an outside dog or inside dog ?  He was both, but he is now inside 100%.

Does he have he any direct brothers or sister from the same litter?  His sister Woodchip has a Schutzhund I. 

  At what age would you say Koa went on a hard sleeve? Was he a natural full grip dog ?    Koa was on a hard sleeve around 12 months, and never had a problem with shallow grips.

Would you say Koa was a hard biter or medium ?  Hard biter.
If you had the chance to own another Koa would you change anything in his training?  YES !  I would not "show off", and let him fly on so many long bites. It is awesome to see him bang the helpers, but it took a toll on him, and he had to retire due to 3 compression injuries in his spine from hard impacts and getting stuffed. He came really fast and his speed surprised a lot of decoys.
At what age did he start his bark and hold in the blind ?  Around one  year. Koa is a natural barker. I think his bark and hold is very intense and powerful.
How is Koa around your family ?  Koa is a great house dog, everyone loves him.
Would you say Koa was a typical Bulldog dog from what you have seen out there ?  Koa is not a typical bulldog. I have never seen a dog like Koa. He has the best temperament of any dog I have ever seen. 
What was the strangest moment you had with Koa, or an event that blew your mind or scared you ?  I was walking Koa one time. He is not dog aggressive. A big German Shepherd jumped him and bit him on the back. Koa had him pinned on the ground and had him by the throat before I could even react. He let out a low deep growl that I will never forget, and then he let the shepherd go. The dog very smartly ran away.
Does Koa have any offspring doing Schutzhund ?  His son Matias has a Sch I. Koa is the only AB to have three offspring in one litter with BST's. He has produced many titled offspring in the events offered by the Bulldog community.
How many off spring does he have ?  Koa has sired 22 liters to date. He has sired 223 live pups.
When trainers work him what was their most typical quote or assessment of him?  His foundation work was done by Dave Deleissegues, but many trainers have helped him along the way, such as Tom Riche, Mike Stone, Dave Hannah, and Lucillano Oliva. Koa is a fun dog to work so all the trainers liked to "play" with him. I think the most common opinions about Koa was that he has a clear head, a great bark and hold, and that he is a "banger".
Do you still have sperm ? If so, what is the ultimate goal or plans for that available breeding ?Koa is standing at stud to approved bitches. His semen count is still quite high for a 7 year old American Bulldog. We ship frozen and chilled semen all over the world. We have frozen semen in two locations in the United States, and also in Europe.

Benny, Thank you for your Bulldog Profiles, and profiling Koa. They are very informative, and I enjoy reading them.




Video clips

Koa Vegas clip  Bst  clip
Watsonville Clip