Harvey Ball Banger

(Bst1)  OFA (el)

Gone but not forgotten  (RIP)


Harvey  started his young bulldog career in the home of Alan Sloan in IL  6 months later he was sent to Tom Riche only to be sent to his permanent  home  us . As a pup he  showed  Tom allot of potential  , on the field he felt  right at home and   with the help of Josh Zap and the Bulldog Master Tom Riche  he has made  great strides  , his working drive makes  him a natural for the   sport work  yet very obedient and most important clear headed   specially around the  family  were it counted  the most .   Harvey was a cross of two  impact dogs  Sloans  Turbo  &  SchH 3 Niko and this reflects  on the field with full out commitment  at Home he was a quite  lay back dog  as most traditional bulldogs , Harvey went  on numerous family trips and attended several  dog events ,  we  were  bless to have a dog of Harveys caliber but most important  blessed to a good a great companion.


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                                        Air Harvey

Harvey Bst OB shot in Vegas .









                       Harvey Ready for take Off


Harvey Bst drive with Samurai Hatchet man Josh


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