The Working Bulldog


The working bulldog  is a tribute to the great bulldogs of yesteryear and present day , this  profiles section is  geared for the working dog ,  it contains stories, pictures and video clips of the chosen dogs .
If you have a dog or know of a dog  that you feel is a true working dog and like to share with others  his accomplishments or his working spirit please contact me. 
I am looking to profile  dogs that have a   SchH, Ring or PSA titles  or any other working events  including hunting  , positive high achievers with titles in other sports like Weight pulling and or SAR are welcome  .
In the past I ask that  the profiles  be limited to American bulldogs  but I feel its beneficial to reach out to all working  bull breeds including Boxers , Pitbulls and Bandogs   . If any one feels they have a great working dog  or like to  nominate one  email  me a brief story about the chosen dog, pictures , a video tape  if possible to share video footage of the dog  as well as the dogs pedigree.

Sloan's Turbo



Erfurts Taz

Fullers Petey

Boyds Sch3 Mikie

Don Mathews Banjo

Souzas Koa


Stouts Boss Hog 

Wades Wilde Miko Sch3