Don Mathews Banjo





When was Banjo  born , where an when did he die

8/17/99  and still catching

Who did you buy him from or who bred him

Banjo was a gift from Bill Echols of Rock on kennels

How was Banjo  as a pup

Very  drivey and dog aggressive as a young dog

At what age did he get his first hog exposure  ,by who Banjo  ??

He was a natural but I did not start him till he was 8 months

Whats drive did Banjo  seem to work of naturally ,

I guess Prey drive but he will catch a tree if I ask him too

What were Banjo  working titles

Banjo is a Pro Hunter , I only do hog work but have started doing some bitework

At what age did Banjo get his   title

2 years

Whats was Banjo  hip score or  ofa rating,  was his elbow ok .

Pre-lim ofa good,

Whats was Banjo  weakest  working trait and his strongest trait

He will get board easily, his strongest  trait  is his drive 

Whats was Banjo  worst  genetic fault

A ugly nut head

Did or does  he have typical bulldog teeth

Large  Ivory

What was Banjo  full grown typical weight

85 lbs

How many Hogs did he catch

We went out last night and he is still catching so its hard  to say

After the catch  what was his most predicted technique, 

He wanted to kill the  hog not just catch it

What would you say stroke you the most when you saw him 

As  a pup I  did not like his looks but as he started catching he got real handsome

What did you hate the most about him

Really nothing

What is or was  his working temperament  like , with people and other dogs

High drive , he works with any body  if in their

Was he an outside dog or inside dog


Does  he have he any direct brothers or sister  from the same litter

I am not sure

If you were to clone one of his traits what would that be

His desire to please me

Who  were his trainers

Don Mathews

What is your most memorable session with him in training  or hunting

That is hard to answer , I say when we were making the real deal video he made some outstanding  catches , and had wind to hunt all day

If you had the chance to own another Banjo  would you change anything In his  early training

I would probably let him do  more thing like bitework , irondog , weight pull

Would you say Banjo  was a hardbiter or medium,


At what age would you say Banjo  went in the woods 

8 to 10 months

Did he have a catch  placement preference 


How is or was Banjo  around ur family

He is alright with them but his bond is very strong with me .

Would you say Banjo  was a typical Bulldog  dog from what you have seen off out there 

No  he is above average in every way

Did he ever do bite work

Yes with Yohanny  Gamez , I think he did very well

What was the strangest moment you had with Banjo  or an event that blew your mind  or scared you

We hunted on the summer and he got heat stroke , I almost lost him , he lost his ability to breed , I did not know if he would live for several days

What was Banjo  biggest event /trail he attended /entered , what was the outcome

He has won several quick catches  contests Nkc and ICA events

Does Banjo  have any off spring  currently working  


How many off spring does he have and how they compare to him

He was only bred twice

When he caught those present what was their most typical quote or assessment of him

He catches so hard and fast that people have given him an ovation , the only draw back is that he has broken his jaw and lost  some teeth from hitting so hard

Do  you still have sperm if so what is the ultimate goal or plans for that available breeding  .

I have a son that I can use for breeding