In1977 I encountered my first bulldog in the form of  a Pitbull   she was all grit I fell in love with her  tenacity and immediately went out and got my own bulldog, my passion grew for Game dogs so  I did more research until I contact Luis Colby and purchased  a female Colby's Jody Lass she became our joy  .  As the years went  by my  love  for the breed grew deeper  the more I research the more I became intrigued by this breeds love for combat an desire  to win  .   I have seen and own allot of APBT's  in my opinion the closet breed to the  original combat  bulldog  ,  my love for this breed is derived from it true form of never say I quit attitude , the lack of self preservation  an the ability to recover from injuries that would make most dogs whine  or flat out quit  .   

Looking for a breed that possessed  the same Characteristics of my original passion I turn to what I think is the closest  breed to an APBT , the American Bulldog ,  now that I own American Bulldogs   I  see allot of the same qualities of the old  breed , the true essence of this breed needs to be pure raw grit regardless of how tire or hurt it is  a true bulldog never stops  trying  to win  .   In  the short time with this breed I have made  my own assessment  of what a bulldog should be , with this in mind I will  push forward with my dogs in search for the truth only after going threw failure one can access what works and what does not and the reasons  behind  the success or the  defeat,   this can be humbling but if you seek the truth you will be humble .

1985 camping trip at Yosemite  me and Bull Brawny